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The candyjam entry by Blair and Dario! Done in six days, because we started late...

Use your gummy bear powers to change the flavor of the world around you. 

Fight enemies, collect items, unlock abilities and use them to explore the level!

How to play:

The "crave-o-meter" in the top right indicates the current target color. Use the mouse wheel to choose a primary color (red, blue or yellow). Go near an enemy and use your spin (left mouse button) to mix the enemy's color with your currently chosen one (e.g. red + blue = purple). Your aim is to match up the enemy's color with the currently craved one. Watch out hat you don't mix opposite colors or the enemy will go brown and become invincible for a few seconds!

  • WASD to move
  • Left Click to Spin!
  • Right Click/Space to jump


Art/Game Design: Blair Ceradsky
Programming: Dario Seyb
Music: River Valley Breakdown by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

Published Feb 04, 2014
AuthorZZep Games
Tags3D, candyjam